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First start by noticing where you are right now, searching for yourself.

Talks and Meditations

Dear Educators and Leaders,

If you are invested in the resilience of your students and team, I am here to hold the difficult space of self-inquiry with you. I need your help as a platform of curiosity, inquiry, and growth. Let’s work together to educate the self-curious.

Collaborative Workshops

Dear Yoga Teachers and MindBody Practitioners,

If you are a seeker and guide moving with life alongside your clients, I hope we find each other to expand the ripples of self-curious ease. Let’s work together to move the self-curious.

Resources and Referrals

Dear Therapists and Healthcare Providers,

If you have clients who are experiencing adjustment disorder or might benefit from an educational program of coping skills building, please contact me for courses and groups under development. Let’s work together to heal the self-curious.

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