This life consulting practice draws from my experiences as a community mental health therapist, a yoga teacher, a grief counselor, and a professor of design history. Owing to this depth and breadth of learning and experience, I am able to offer you a variety of therapeutic techniques of self-discovery ranging from dialectical behavior therapy, logotherapy, mind-body somatic therapies, trauma-informed care, narrative grief therapy, and expressive arts therapy. My ultimate aim is to support life acceptance fueled by empowering self-inquiry.

Credentials and Certifications

Philosophy, PhD

Social Work, MSW

Architecture, BARCH

Interdisciplinary Studies, MA

Mind-Body Therapy – 300-hour Certification

Advanced Grief Recovery Method Certification

Yoga -200 hour Certification

Second Level Reiki Certification

Grief Movement Training- Paul Denniston, June 2021

A philosopher with training in social work and architecture, I am here to help you design an aware, informed, connected, and empowered life. Ready?

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Individual Consulting Session (online or in person)

Adjusting to a life change? Sign up for a single session to explore feelings, sensations, and solutions. Weather permitting, an in person session can be a walk on the beach. Note request when signing up.


Individual Consulting Session (Online or In-Person) Student Rate

Adjusting to the demands of adulthood? Decisions, time management, relationships, moving, roommates, budget struggles, uncertainty of future plans, dependence, independence, worries about managing healthcare, boundaries with friends, tolerating failure and change etc, etc.


Contact me for group talks or workshops ($225/hour)

I recommend and encourage clients with chronic or acute mental and medical health needs, in addition to short-term adjustment challenges, to seek appropriate services.

What to expect

The Self Curious Project offers therapeutic psychoeducation that supports mind-body-spirit integration.

Designed to offer short-term guidance, the self-curious project is not a replacement for chronic or acute mental and behavioral interventionist therapy. After the skills-building phase of 3-8 sessions, clients are welcome to continue sessions in order to maintain progress or explore other changes in their lives.

If you are experiencing suicidal, homicidal thoughts, hallucinations, delusions, addiction, or other functional impairments please seek assistance through appropriate mental health facilities or please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255.

I do not offer medication management, court testimony, couple’s and family counseling, or work with clients under 18.

Why private pay?

Private payment is based on the principle of complete confidentiality and reflects the educational priority of services.

  • No insurance billing eliminates any need to diagnose, share information or pathologize human experience.
  • I utilize a combination of traditional and non-traditional psycho-educational methods often not covered by medical insurance.
  • No insurance billing allows me to focus on your unique self-learning needs instead of insurance requirements and treatment paperwork. After each consulting session, clients receive a session summary and suggested homework.

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